Pregnyl 5000 – how to take, basic characteristics

Pregnyl 5000 is a popular non-steroidal drug that is only used in combination courses. It is an excellent addition to anabolics and is basically designed so that the athlete’s body can stimulate the production of somatotropin during training without problems. It is a growth hormone which helps to quickly gain muscle mass and enables an individual to either stay at or lose the existing body weight without losing the already built torso.

Main Characteristics of Pregnyl 5000

Pregnyl is used not only to improve physical fitness, but also to treat infertility in both men and women. The main function of this medication is to increase the activity of genital secretion, but to use a steroid for such purposes, it is necessary to consult with a doctor, undergo a diagnosis and choose the ideal dosage so that the effect was fast and maximum.

Pregnyl is sold on the market of sports pharmacology and fertility drugs in the form of powder, solution or tablets. Each person has the opportunity to choose the most convenient option for use, but it is important to remember that each form has its own dosage. It is solutions that have always been considered the most effective and powerful in the field of pharma, but then the athlete will have to inject himself into the soft tissues. If there is no desire to spend time and effort on this, then you can settle for a powder or pills. You can learn more about Pregnyl by following this link

It is important to pay attention to the fact that in a solo course Pregnyl provides practically no effect. Even on the contrary, a person can face a number of negative consequences. It is best to combine it with other anabolics. The main thing is to make sure that the forms are different, because it is not customary to take several types of solutions or tablets at once. They should be alternated.

Advantages of the steroid Pregnyl

  • Almost instantaneous effect;
  • Does not retain water in the human body;
  • Burns excess fat cells;
  • Makes the athlete more endurance;
  • Improves mood.

It is forbidden to take Pregnyl year-round, because it is addictive and provides little or no result if used for a long time. Most often, experts recommend using this substance to those athletes and bodybuilders who want to test a long-term course of taking steroids. Beginners usually start with three or four weeks, while Pregnyl should be used from small doses and gradually increase them.

It is proved that intramuscular injections in parallel with injections of anabolics even impossible to detect when taking a special test, if a month has already passed since the last intake. This means that Pregnyl could be used before any competitions. The main thing is to calculate the course in such a way that before the day of the event there is enough time for the drug to completely disappear from the blood.

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